Colors Pleasures Dildo by NS Novelties

When it comes to texture, I’ve very picky. Whether it’s food or dildos, certain textures just don’t work for me. The textures on this dildo in particular. Continue reading “Colors Pleasures Dildo by NS Novelties”

Sliquid Organics Natural vs. Sliquid Naturals H2O

Sometimes you just want to go back to basics. You don’t always need stimulating creams to have a good time. So you keep it simple by grabbing a bottle of water-based, no-frills lubricant. Continue reading “Sliquid Organics Natural vs. Sliquid Naturals H2O”

Double Trouble by Gläs

This dildo looks boring. I’ll put that right out there. Outside of a swollen head on each side, there are no bumps, no waves, no sex toy static to interrupt the smooth, hard shape. It’s got a slight curve, though nothing like the njoy Pure Wand. The heads are not shaped with a flat g-spotting end. Even the color, a happy pink on the box, is a dull, clear color in reality, difficult to photograph, and not particularly inspiring. Continue reading “Double Trouble by Gläs”

The Dodil by Dodil

Life isn’t static. While we, as individuals, have our preferences, we also enjoy changing things up. This extends into sex. What Dodil offers is a toy that can be literally molded to reflect our changing desires. Continue reading “The Dodil by Dodil”

A Year in Review: 2017

My first year as a blogger has come to a close. It’s been one year since I stopped attending class, because they handed me a fancy piece of paper that said “Degree,” which cost me roughly $30,000. Continue reading “A Year in Review: 2017”

Nova by We-Vibe

When an adult store gets a new toy in stock, some companies will send testers to put into display stands for customers to try out (with their hands only). When we got the Nova at work, we got a lot of testers, more than we could possible put on display. To clear things out, I got to take one home to try myself. I had heard many fantastic things from fellow bloggers, and was curious as to how this dual vibrator would compare to the ones before it. Continue reading “Nova by We-Vibe”