Magic Wand Original by Vibratex

Many have spoken of the strength, durability, and power of the Magic Wand. However, I have a confession to make:

I broke my first Magic Wand Original. After three months of partnership.

Because I have a clitoris of titanium. Because that little blue neck bends when I press the head harder and harder against my clit. Because eventually the head popped off.mwo1

I popped it back into place and continued about my orgasming business. This happened a few more times, and then, when attempting to piece it back together for what would be the last time, I turned on my wand, and it sounded angry. It sounded pissed. I had used it, abused it, and it no longer loved me.

But that was okay, because I went back to work the next day and used my employee discount on another wand. I have learned to be nicer to my Magic Wand, to not press so hard, to take what it willingly gives me and not ask for more.

When I first got the Magic Wand, I was not adequately prepared. I had owned two cheap bullet vibes, the first from Screaming O, the second from Spencer’s. I finally bought it and formally introduced myself in the basement of my cousin’s house (I was between places, and lived there for about two weeks. I was directly under his bedroom. He probably heard, but he never said a word about it).

I orgasmed in about ten seconds, and spent the next ten minutes scratching at my thighs and applying lotion to tend to the itchiness that is almost unavoidable when first using a wand of such power (and buzziness). While I regret jumping so drastically from weaker bullet vibrators to the Vibrator of the Gods, I love my Magic Wand and always have, right from that first leg shaking, eye twitching, head tilting orgasm.

Many have already written of their adventures with the Magic Wand, so I won’t give you more than a few highlights of the product itself. It’s noise level may be similar to that of starting a lawn mower in your bedroom, and it is about the length of my forearm. For me, it’s all worth it, as, to this day, none of my roommates have ever mentioned hearing anything through the walls, though I have few doubts that many have noticed.mwo4

What irks me the most about the Magic Wand Original is the cord length. I’ll be laying on my side of the bed, wand plugged into the wall beside me, wand-to-clit, and decide to roll over into a new position. Halfway through the roll, the wand pulls away from me, reaching for my clit, but unwilling to come any closer. Six feet of cord is simply not enough length for my needs

As for cleaning the Magic Wand, wipe it down with a damp cloth. No part of the massager is waterproof, and the PVC head cannot ever really be clean. Look at the first photo; all those little tiny lines trap gunk. When I was still having periods, the head looked absolutely disgusting.

While the Magic Wand is by no means perfect, the orgasms are so, so worth it.

Hitachi: A History

Ever since the invention of massage devices, people have been finding alternative uses for them. A great example of this is in season 5 episode 6 of Sex and the City. Samantha’s wand vibrator (or, as the man at the store insists, “neck massager”) dies, and she goes out shopping for a replacement.

While there, she hands out advice to fellow female shoppers, telling them which massagers will burn their clits off, and which ones work against them. One of the women holds up a large vibrator, and another woman comments, “I think that one actually is a back massager.”

Samantha looks at her and quips, “Not if you mount it.”mwo2

The Hitachi Magic Wand made its debut on April 25th, 1968. It quickly caught Betty Dodson’s attention, for more than it’s advertised massage uses. The wand made it’s way into her classes on female self-pleasure techniques. She recommended using a towel over genitalia in order to dull the strong sensations the wand provided.

Something about the Magic Wand stuck with people, and it outlasted most other massagers, with the exception of the Wahl (at least, this is the only other older vibrator I still hear about). It’s popularity as a masturbation aid did not go over well with the company, however. In 1999, The Village Voice quoted the Hitachi public relations director as saying that the wand was “a straightforward product. There are no implications of anything beyond standard health care.” This, along with problems of discontinuing the Magic Wand later, leads me to believe that masturbation was not brought into consideration on Hitachi’s list of standard health care techniques. In 2000, the Magic Wand briefly ceased selling until a rebranding deal was reached with the sex toy distributor Vibratex.

Technology news company Engadget looked into the story, getting only silence from Hitachi. The Vibratex director of operations spoke up to describe Hitachi as “a ‘very traditional’ Japanese company [that] didn’t want its name attached to what is essentially the most recognizable sex toy on Earth.” This is why you won’t find the Hitachi name anywhere on the redesigned Magic Wand Original. Dodson is noted as saying, “Evidently, Mr. Hitachi Sr. didn’t like the idea that his massage machine was giving women orgasms. Tough shit! It remains my favorite vibrator to this day.”

Mine too, Betty. Mine, too.

You can purchase the Magic Wand for $69 from Betty’s Toy Box. I bought this toy, and based this article on my personal experiences.

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