Me, Myself & I by Sova

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Sova empowers women by offering sophisticated, discreet, and versatile personal devices. Our high-end vibrators are inspired by women, developed by women, andmost importantly designed by women.” – Sova

When Sova contacted me, I was excited about my first chance to work with a company. They sell three vibrators so far: the Me, Myself & I (a g-spot vibrator), Commando (a remote-controlled egg), and the Multi (a vibrator with interchangeable heads).screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-10-48-04-pm

When it comes to battery-operated toys, my packaging expectations are low. Sova surprised me with the Me, Myself & I, which arrived in a plain, black box with a magnetic cover that folds open. They even included a storage bag, which is almost unheard of for something that runs on batteries. Also included is the single AA battery needed for the Me, Myself & I. I find most battery operated toys will only include this if it is a watch or N battery. Thanks, Sova, for saving me the trouble of going dumpster-diving into my junk drawer for a battery!

While their marketing exclusively targets women, I was pleasantly surprised to find that their products only come in black. A woman-focused company, and not one product is available in pink. I applaud Sova for this. While I am not a lover of black sex toys, as I find great joy in admiring my own multi-hued assortment, I appreciate the lack of pink in their inventory. Not that I have anything against pink, but as an all-too-common sex toy color, I avoid it when I can. More color options would be a great addition to these toys; bright blue has been gaining ground in the sex toy industry these days.

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-10-46-26-pmCovered in silky black silicone, the Me, Myself & I can be washed with soap and water. However, make sure not to get water around the cap, as the toy is not waterproof. The wavy texture on the toy latches on to gunk, so pay special attention to these spots when cleaning. The silicone covering on the toy also means that the user should stick to water-based lubricant.

This lovely wave texture is what I was really looking forward to trying out. I am a huge fan of large waves on my toys, as they are enough texture for me to enjoy without feeling abrasive. However, the size of this toy works against it.

The Me, Myself & I is tiny. Really tiny. When compared to g-spot vibes such as the VeDO Ono, or pretty much anything by BSwish, it’s relatively standard sizing. But my vagina needs more. This vibe is not wide enough for me to enjoy the texture (or even notice the texture), or long enough for me to hold comfortably. I am so sure that I would adore this design, if only I could distinguish the texture or thrust the curve against my g-zone. Even the vibrations don’t make much of an impression.

These vibrations have less rumble than the ~$35 vibes mentioned above, and this one costs $74.99. My vagina is not into strong vibrations, or often even weak vibrations. Because of this, I do not consider myself a great judge of internal vibration. I will say, though, that the vibrations of Me, Myself & I are weak and extremely buzzy. This toy is not for fans of rumbly or strong internal vibration. I enjoy this toy much more when it is turned off, but in my case, I will say that for most internal vibrators.screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-10-48-55-pm

To use the vibrations, simply push the single button on the battery cap. The vibrations for Me, Myself & I include two steady settings followed by three various pulsing options. The first click of the button is the strongest steady setting, followed by the weaker steady setting, and then the pulses. Unfortunately, due to the small size of this product, the button placement is not ideal. I find myself constantly hitting the button and changing the setting without meaning too.

The sounds of these vibrations do not bother me; it isn’t the quietest toy on the market, but it is by no means the loudest. A closed door will easily contain any sound the user may be worried about. I appreciate that Sova doesn’t follow in the footsteps of offering yet another “whisper-quiet” vibrator. In my experience, a good vibrator does not sound like a whisper.

The Me, Myself & I is the kind of toy that would have been perfect for me, myself & I when I was first exploring penetration. Short and thin, it is something I would have been more comfortable using than the dildo I first started with. But at this point in my toy exploration, it is far too small and skinny for me to really enjoy.

Sova is currently taking 40% off with the promo code Sova40. So, you can buy it for the more reasonable price of about $45. For more experienced toy owners, and those that enjoy a little girth or length, I would recommend looking elsewhere. However, this is a great product of decent quality for first-time, penetrative toy users.

Enjoy 40% off with the promo code Sova40. This is a sponsored post. I received payment and free product from Sova. All opinions expressed here are my own. You can purchase the Me, Myself & I in black from Sova for $74.99.

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