2, Pro 2, and Penguin by Satisfyer

There are three main kinds of vibration in sex toys: buzzy (think of the shallow vibrations of your phone), rumbly (the deeper vibration of a video game controller), and the thuddy vibrations of these pulsators, which I can only compare to someone boxing my clit (which is a much more pleasurable sensation than it sounds).

Womanizer was the original company to come up with “pressurized air pulses” in sex toys, and Satisfyer is a copycat company. That said, Satisfyer sells their toys at a cheaper Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.36.19 AMprice-point than Womanizer, has a better name, and (from what I’ve read) has stronger settings. When Satisfyer contacted me about reviewing, I accepted, interested to put in my two cents on the Satisfyer/Womanizer conversation. I received three of the five Satisfyer suction toys within a week after they contacted me, which is fantastic shipping, as they are based in Germany.

Coming  in a simple cardboard box with an instruction booklet, the Pro2 and Penguin are rechargeable. A charging cord is included in each of their boxes, though no wall plug. The Satisfyer 2 is the only battery-operated model of the three, requiring 2 AAA batteries to operate. If, like me, you are initially confused as to how to insert the batteries, simply twist off the end of the Satisfyer 2 handle. The Pro2 and Penguin use magnets to charge, which can be found on the bottom end of each toy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.36.48 AMWhile the magnets on the charging cords hold well, each of the two magnets on the cord and on the toy have specific polarities. Basically, the toy or the cord must be turned a specific way in order to attach the magnets for charging. Turned in the incorrect direction, the magnets will physically resist each other. This is the only rechargeable toy that I have seen that has differing polarities on the magnets, with all others indifferent as to which magnets attach to which.

In cleaning these toys, I simply pull off the silicone nozzle and wash it with soap and water. As these toys do not actually use more than minimal suction, (water-based) lube and bodily juices do not usually get sucked into the toy. In order to clean the rest of the Satisfyer, use a damp cloth and a little soap to wipe it down.

While each toy claims to be waterproof, I have heard multiple complaints from other bloggers about the Satisfyer toys dying or malfunctioning after being put in water. As I have no desire to use toys in the bath or shower, and enjoy these particular toys far too much to take the chance of ruining them, I did not test my toys in this way. However, please use caution when exposing these toys to water.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.36.33 AMWhat I loved about every one of these models was that not one included pulsating settings. Satisfyer has 11 settings compared to Womanizer’s 6-8. While I love the strength of the Satisfyer settings, they’re strong enough that 11 settings seems excessive. This opinion is coming from my clit of titanium, the same clit that regularly uses the We-Vibe Tango and Magic Wand (either version) on its highest setting. My power queen of a clit can only make it to about the fifth setting on any of the Satisfyers.

Each model provided extremely pinpoint sensation, more so than any bullet vibrator I have ever used. While this made it extremely easy to get off, it was overwhelming at times. I found that I prefer broader stimulation than these toys can provide. These pulsators are not for those who do not like pinpoint stimulation or very strong sensations on the clit.

Each of these models make me orgasm more efficiently than the We-Vibe Tango or the Magic Wand. While efficient is often required due to certain living situations or hectic schedules, I have often found myself defaulting to the Tango and Magic Wand for their less intense vibrations. They are also far easier to use than any of the Satisfyers when incorporating penetration, as the nozzle is best used when it stays on position on the clit.

Satisfyer Penguin

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.59.26 PMIn my experience, the easiest way to hold each model was like a pen, with my thumb on the underside and fingers on the top, envisioning my vulva dictating it’s thoughts to me. The Satisfyer Penguin, covered in a thin, soft silicone layer, is the smallest and roundest of the three models I received. With its short handle, it is also the most comfortable to hold. With my thumb on the underside, the two buttons (one for on/off functions, the other for modes) were easier to push than the buttons on the other models.

The settings on the Penguin work in a ladder function: push the button to move up from the weakest setting to the strongest, and then back down again. This model is the least powerful and thuddy, and the most buzzy, of the three models that I received, though it is also the quietest.

The nozzle is a large square, the biggest I received and therefore the easiest to position on my clit. That said, it was the least comfortable, as it was also the thinnest nozzle. Of the three, the Penguin is my second favorite.

Satisfyer 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 3.00.02 PMThis is the largest model, with the worst buttons (though the best functions) of all three. The buttons are placed further up the toy by the head, rather than lower down on the handle. They are also the flattest buttons, and the ABS plastic can hardly be distinguished from same material of the body of the toy. This is a shame, as the Satisfyer 2 buttons allow you to go back and forth between settings, rather than using ladder functions like the other two.

While the buttons give me mixed feelings, the nozzle is my favorite of the three. The triangular nozzle is smaller and has more cushion than the large, thin square of the Penguin. As for the power, it’s matched by the Pro2, each of these being stronger and less buzzy than the Penguin. However, it is also louder than the Pro2, though for no apparent reason.

The pressurized air pulses in these toys sound like an old truck idling out in the cold, and on the highest settings of the Satisfyer 2, are nearly comparable in noise level to the Magic Wand when held away from the skin. When the nozzle is placed on the clit, the noise is significantly muffled, and will likely not bother anyone in the next room over.

Satisfyer Pro2

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.59.48 PMThe Pro2 is my least favorite of the three. The large seam running around the toy and the oversized nozzle makes it look the cheapest, though it costs the most of all three. The settings, like the Penguin, operate on a ladder function, making it easier to just turn off the toy and start over at the lowest setting.

The nozzle, while providing the most cushion of any of the three models, also has the smallest opening, which for me made it the hardest to place on my clit. I have large labia, and so much hood over my clit that I am not sure I have ever actually seen it, so a small nozzle does not work well for me.

Final Thoughts

The Satisfyer 2 has become my favorite of the three models. The functions have more versatility than either of the other models. The nozzle is the perfect size (smaller than the Penguin, larger than the Pro2) and cushion (thicker than the Penguin, thinner than the Pro2) for my clit, and it is stronger than the Penguin.

Satisfyer is stronger, more affordable, has more settings options than Womanizer, so at what point do they make up for the fact that they basically stole the design? Is that ever something a company can make up for? While I haven’t tried Womanizer yet, I am in love with my Satisfyer toys, even though I hate their ethics.

Satisfyer also claims in its tagline to be the most amazing toy in the world, which is never a good thing to do. No one toy is perfect because no one toy can give you everything you’re looking for in one package that can be tailored to your different feelings every time you have sex.

I received these products from Satisfyer in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. You can purchase these Satisfyers from Betty’s Toy Box for $40-$75. Each of these models is available only in the color shown.

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