Galaxy Ambit by Godemiche

“Welcome to GODEMICHE where style, sexual pleasure and beautiful uniqueness meet hand in hand. At GODEMICHE we are not trying to break the mould, but recolour it, restyle it and make you fall in love again with your dildo.”

Actively looking for a better excuse to purchase the Ambit than just “I want it!!!” I Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 9.47.52 PMnoticed on their Instagram account that October orders would receive a free, silicone butt plug magnet. So, naturally, I had to buy it, because not everyone has a silicone butt plug magnet.

Godemiche ships from their location in the UK, so it took two to three weeks for my Galaxy Ambit to arrive. There was a label on the box demanding to know what was inside, and Godemiche tastefully chose to write “Novelty.” Upon opening the box, I beheld my Ambit, packaged in a bag clear on one side, with reflective silver plastic behind the toy. This gave the Galaxy Ambit an otherworldly look, completing the effect. Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 9.49.36 PMOn the other side of the bag is the above quote from Godemiche.

When you take your Ambit out of the bag, make sure to wash it before use (this should be done with all new toys)! The Ambit should not be washed in Space Jam, as jam is a sticky mess. Just stick to soap and water. When cleaning the Ambit, make sure to wash out the G imprinted on the bottom of the shaft. Lube (water-based) can get stuck in there, as well as other body gunk and space junk.

On first viewing the Ambit, I realized this starry dildo was no dwarf. The head was larger than I had originally thought. Therefore, as I don’t have a black hole vagina, I required some warm up before using this dildo. Gripping the Ambit while thrusting, as with all dildos with a base for strap-ons, is tricky. The Galaxy Ambit is also sadly lacking a pair of Spaceballs.Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 9.50.31 PM

Godemiche’s silicone is a combination of many silicones I have come across. It is similar to Tantus’ plastic-like silicone, while feeling softer and less slick to the touch. It has a bit of drag to it, though not to the extreme of a product by Fun Factory. As for the firmness, the silicone is flexible, but not especially soft. I would compare it to Tantus’ non-dual density toys. It is firm with some give.

In using the Ambit, it felt better after I had gone a few rounds with it. Once I acclimated to the head, which was the largest I had used at the time, I came to appreciate the Galaxy more. While the sensation of pressure on my g-zone is not always a particularly comfortable experience, it is not an unpleasant one. As I am not particularly well-acquainted with my g-spot, it feels like a sensation that takes some getting used to.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 9.49.05 PMThis dildo is not without it’s own little imperfections: it’s handmade, so the base is a slightly off-kilter circle, there are small striations all over the surface that I can only assume are the remains of air bubbles. But I like that my Galaxy Ambit is completely unique from that of Princess Previews or The Big Gay Review. The coloring varies from product to product. Princess Previews has a purple head, mine has a blue, and The Big Gay Review has blue and pink. This is due to how the colors were hand mixed for each dildo. If you get a dildo from Godemiche, it’s the only one just like it.

What I didn’t appreciate about my experience was actually emailing the company. After purchasing the Ambit, I emailed them asking for a receipt for my order, as I couldn’t find it in my email. I never heard back (though I did eventually find the form in my spam folder). I then emailed inquiring how long it would take to ship my Ambit, again to no response.Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 9.49.19 PM

I emailed them a fourth time about a special order of their other dildo, the Adam, and they talked about the Ambit instead. After two more emails, I was finally told that my special order of an Iridescent Effulgence Adam was best done by picking the style of toy I was looking for and to leave a note specifying what I wanted done with it.

Overall, the force is with this dildo. The Ambit is a solid dildo that I have enjoyed using. It doesn’t always bring me to the galaxy and beyond, but it can at least take me for a ride to the moon and back. And my new magnet makes quite the statement on my refrigerator.

Want more space exploration? The Ambit also comes in Solar Flare, Nebula, and Helix Nebula, as well as non-space and customizable options. I purchased this dildo from Godemiche for $72 (including an extra charge for the suction cup base), and based this article on my personal experiences.

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