Semolino by Fun Factory

I bought this vibrator when searching for a toy to help my fiancé (then boyfriend) practice penetrating me with a toy, without a chance of hitting my cervix. It worked like a charm, and has become one of my favorite insertables.

Due to my favoritism of this toy, as well as its size, in heading across the country for a summer internship I decided to bring it along. As I was packing up to go home, I sat on top of my suitcase in order to zip it closed. The entire suitcase began to vibrate. I had accidentally turned on the Semilino.Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 8.07.29 PM

Since I threw away the instructions when I got the toy (silly me), I scoured the internet for instructions to lock it. I had no luck, so decided to turn on the vibrator and let it run out of power. By the time my roommate came home (about 20 minutes later), it was still going. I couldn’t remember when I last charged it, so rest assured the Semilino has a good battery life.

I ultimately ended up rearranging a few things, and had no problems with my luggage during travel. Now, after talking to a fellow coworker, I have the secret to the Fun Factory travel lock: to lock, press and hold FUN and – until the button lights flicker and the toy vibrates. To unlock, press and hold FUN and + until Semilino flickers and vibrates.

Semilino comes in Fun Factory’s dark gold box, with a sleeve that fits over the package and shows a lifesize photo of the toy. The inside of the box is bright red, with a red USB charger cord (almost three and a half feet long) tucked under the cardboard on one side. This vibrator does not come with a wall plug for the charger. I am okay with this since most chargers and wall plugs come separately these days, so I have several extra lying around from various electronic products; also, buying a wall plug won’t break the bank. However, if you happen to not have several electronic devices with separate plugs, you’re out of luck. Considering the higher prices of Fun Factory toys, things like storage bags and wall plugs should be included in the packaging.

Semilino has a magnetic charger rather than a plug. Magnetic chargers are hit and miss with many toys, but this charger holds onto the vibrator well. Semilino is waterproof (thanks to the magnetic charger), and it has survived all the soapy handjobs thus far. To Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 8.09.41 PMclean, I wash Semilino by hand with soap and water. The draggy silicone grabs up lint pretty well, so a wash before using would not be a bad idea. This toy can be a little tricky to clean, as it has a lot of waves that catch gunk. The only part of cleaning that truly annoys me, however, is the indented seam where the silicone meets the handle. My fingernails aren’t always long enough to really clean it, so maybe keep a comb around, or something similarly pokey with blunt edges that won’t stab the silicone while cleaning out the indent.

Fun Factory’s medical grade matte silicone is known for its drag, which means using a lot of (water-based!) lube. I have not had much trouble with the silicone, and enjoy the subtle grabby sensation the drag adds. The silicone has some give to it, and I wouldn’t call it an especially firm toy. There is a motor inside the toy, rather than a core material, so the Semilino has some flex to it as well.

The handle is a great size for holding onto, and the buttons are easy to find. The plastic bubble buttons are obvious features in the handle, unlike the raised silicone most silicone toys use. I never lose track of the buttons in the middle of a session, and a quick glance before using will let you know exactly which button is which. One of the things I adore about Fun Factory is the power button on their toys. It’s a red button that says Fun. You literally turn on the toy with the Fun button. The buttons also light up when the toy is turned on or charging, making them easy to see in the dark.

I love thrusting, and Semilino’s size makes it easier to do this than longer, girthier interables. It’s long enough to give me some fantastic orgasms, and just short enough to leave me begging for more (in a sexy way, not a frustrating way).

Fun Factory vibrations are very distinctive, being something on the rumbly side of buzzy. When it comes to internal vibrations, I prefer to start on a low speed, which is where this Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 8.07.55 PMvibrator does not always work well for me. Semilino has six vibration intensities and six pulsating options. The toy turns on with the third intensity, which is a bit too strong for my vagina when I’m getting started. I never use pulsating settings (I find them annoying and pointless unless they’re teasing my clit, and even then I don’t use them for more than a minute), but those who do may be deterred by the fact that each pulsation can only be used on the sixth intensity. The + and – buttons change the settings from lower intensities to higher intensities and finally to pulsation settings; they will not change the intensity of the pulsations.

As a clitoral vibrator, Semilino does nothing for me. It’s too weak and buzzy for my clit to be anything within the realm of satisfied. My vagina, however, is far less picky about vibrations, so the buzziness isn’t a huge issue for me as an internal vibrator. As for sound, this vibrator (like most buzzy vibratores) isn’t quiet. However, people in the next room aren’t very likely to hear this toy.

In the past, I have favored smooth insertables over textured ones, and was surprised to find how much I loved this texture. With smooth insertables, sometimes it’s just a little too smooth; my first textured dildo was made especially for texture sluts, and made me wary of trying texture again in the future. Semilino finds a great balance for me between these extremes with its large waves; it has distinct ridges on one side, and is smooth on the other. In use, I find the front wall of my vagina (towards my stomach) craving texture more than the back wall (towards my butt). When it comes to my love of thrusting, the smooth side allows for more movement, while the textured side provides a rough sensation that leads to a great orgasm for me.

When my P-spot needs attention, I’ll choose a longer toy, but Semilino is definitely a vibrator I will use regularly.

Semilino comes in black and this deep salmon color called Vitamin. Get it for $90 from Fun Factory. I bought this toy, and based this article on my personal experiences.

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