#SFS17: Friday

Today was the day of the Epic Fuck-Up. There is always one waiting to happen, because no vacation can be truly flawless.

This morning started off with breakfast provided by Woodhull, and me vowing to go to bed earlier. By this, the second morning, I was coming to the realization that, by wanting to be everywhere at once, I was going to burn myself out before the end of the weekend. But I dragged myself out of bed, showered, and joined the bloggers for breakfast and the keynote speech on Sex and the Constitution.

The speech was your basic “women only exist to produce, the personal is political, people can’t make up their minds about whether sex is good or bad” history lesson. It actually Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 10.18.51 PM.pngreminded me a lot of some of the things I learned about in reading O: The Intimate History of the Orgasm. Sex and the Constitution is its own book, as well as America specific, so I would be interested in comparing the two at a future date.

After the keynote, I headed off to listen to Defusing the Power of Toxic Religion for Sexual Advocacy. Thinking of my own trauma around masturbation, I was hoping to find a seminar focused on sexual trauma and religion, and instead was greeted with ‘religion isn’t so bad, just make it your own and stick with it.’ My own religious background does not allow me to be comfortable with continuing what my parents started, but not being of the nature to skip out early, I stuck around long enough to get a nice hand massage at the end.

After the disappointing religion talk, I headed up to the lounge to get the Doxy No. 3 and Sheets of San Francisco that were waiting for me and other bloggers who had signed up for review products. I also discovered that the rumors of a glitter Doxy were, in fact, true. It was a glorious thing to behold. After admiring it, the rest of my time in the lounge that afternoon was spent putting together a SheVibe puzzle, during which I was admired for my puzzling skills.

However, the afternoon turned sour in the next seminar, The Truth About Body Safe. The bloggers herded themselves into the seminar largely because we are bloggers, and we have Opinions. While my blog does not focus very much on toxic toys and cleaning, I
know bloggers who do discuss these things, and I have learned so many great things from them. I got a strong vibe that this seminar was throwing some serious shade at all the hard work the bloggers have done, and we were not okay with it.

There was discussion about porosity adding flexibility to toys, about a rash from a toy on one person being nothing to worry about (so basically, our personal experiences are invalid), and the panel using nit-picky word definitions to tear down research on toxic toys. For some really great discussions about sex toy safety that won’t tear you down or make you feel ashamed of yourself, check out Lilly’s blog. There’s far too much information for me to dive into in this post.

The herd of bloggers got together after the seminar for a debriefing, and then I left for a short nap before the first live Dildorks podcast. There was lots of dorkiness and Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 10.12.28 PMgreatness from Kate Sloan and Bex Caputo, who talked about conferences, their experiences, and getting burned out at conferences. This burnout, called Con Drop, was perhaps the most important topic in the podcast for me. I realized I haven’t been doing very well with self care while I’ve been here, as I’ve been far more concerned with
getting my money’s worth of seminars and experiences, and not wanting to miss a second.

After grabbing dinner with lovely blogger friends, I relaxed for a bit before joining up with a group to learned about the fundamentals of fisting. I also got to be tied up for the first time, which left me feeling some new feelings. I’ve always leaned submissive, and I hope I get to try more rope things in the future.

With that, the second day of Woodhull came to a close. Here I am, in bed, still up late, but so, so happy to be here.

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