No. 3 by Doxy and Fluid Proof Throw by Sheets of San Francisco

Among the many great experiences I had at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit this year, there was also the opportunity to sign up for review products from Doxy and San Francisco Sheets. With Doxy, I had an option of which of their products to sign up for. Choosing between the original Doxy (it comes in glitter!) and the Doxy Number 3 was immensely difficult, but I eventually decided to go for the one that doesn’t already have a thousand reviews written about it.

As for San Francisco Sheets, there were a couple different options distributed randomly among the bloggers. Joining in the Fistmas festivities, I saw that one of the bloggers had received a plain black throw. My throw, on the other hand, looks incredibly kinky covered in a straps-and-rings design.

Fluid Proof Throw by Sheets of San Francisco

I will be the first person to tell you that I am not the target customer for this product. I do not engage in watersports, and I have yet to experience female ejaculation. However, I still used the philosophy of “go big or go home” in my testing.

The ad with the box says “Whatever you want Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 7.28.12 PMto throw at them … massage oil, lube, wax, food … they’re ready for play.” I took them at their word. First, I washed and dried the kitchen sink, and lined each side with the throw. I blasted hot water into one of the lined basins, and saw it pool inside the blanket. Slipping my hand in between the basin and the throw, the underside of the blanket felt a bit damp, which I figured could be from the heat of the water. Into the other lined basin I blasted cold water. Once again, it pooled inside the blanket. I checked between the basin and the blanket once again, and found the underside to be cool and dry. As I suspected, the initial dampness from the first test had been from the heat of the water.

Following the water experiment, I lit a candle (an everyday one, hotter than something you would typically use for light wax play), and poured a bit onto the blanket. Following this was three different kinds of lubricant (water, gel, and silicone) and a fruity massage oil. Not one of these leaked through to the other side of the fabric. I let it sit for a few hours and threw it in the washer.Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 7.03.38 PM

There is not a single burn mark, oil stain, or bit of dried gunk to be found on the throw.

As for texture, each side of the throw is silky, with the underside being a slightly rougher texture. Unlike the Liberator throw, the Sheets of San Francisco throw is not heavy or a bit stiff. The tag states it is a “3-ply laminated fabric” made of 73% polyester and 27% polyurethane.

However, Liberator throws not only include a soft, fluffy side and are more widely known, but even their most expensive throw is $35 cheaper than this thinner, less fluffy throw. Even a plain black throw without kinky digital printing is more expensive. Therefore, I would recommend spending $215 on this product only for those who have very messy sex, such as people with various health issues leading to leakage, people who regularly experience female ejaculation, folx into food sex, and others. Or if you just really want straps printed on your sheets (I myself prefer actual straps attached to my body).

No. 3 by Doxy

I have very little faith in most vibrators’ ability to get me off. Basically, if it’s not by We-Vibe or a version of the Magic Wand, I doubt its abilities. I need a lot of power for a satisfying experience, because my clit is a queen.

I have heard great things about Doxy, though I don’t have the original in my collection. The Doxy Number 3 (a.k.a. Doxy Smol) that I got from Ruby at the Woodhull Sexual Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 7.23.53 PMFreedom Summit is a smaller version of the original Doxy. Wanting to try something that hasn’t been reviewed to death, I signed up for one, leading it having a happy life in my nightstand full of favorites.

I received the No. 3 in a great little drawstring storage bag, perfect for piling in the long cord that comes attached to the No. 3. While I appreciate that it’s nine feet have more range than the six foot cord of the Magic Wand Original (no longer will a change of position lead to the plug popping out of the outlet!), I’ve come to see plug-in vibrators as a bit outdated. The Magic Wand has a rechargeable version now, which not only has more rumble than the original, but also relieves one from getting tangled in the cord. I can’t wait to see Doxy try their hand at rechargeable toys, and I’m frankly surprised that they haven’t done so yet. Also, the plug for the No. 3  is of the large and boxy style, and even the Magic Wand Original, the most powerful (plug in) vibrator I’ve used so far, only requires a two-pronged plug of average size. These large boxy plugs always annoy me because they crowd the outlet, forcing something else to come unplugged.

Plug-in aside, something I really love about the No. 3 are the buttons. I have a thing about distinct, easy to use buttons on sex toys, and in this the No. 3 does not fail. The buttons are large and light up in use, so they’re easy to find in the dark. I also appreciate that they are made of silicone, while the rest of the body is metal. This allows the buttons to feel distinct, and therefore easy to feel out when one isn’t looking.

In use, the No. 3 was nearly comparable in power to the Magic Wand Rechargeable, though on the buzzier side. Something peculiar I found when turning on the No. 3 is that it initially turns on with a speed lower than that of the four that it offers, and within a second or two, it warms up to the first speed. Whether this is just with my model or with others, it hasn’t affected my use of the toy, so I’m not too worried.Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 10.28.32 AM

As for the pulse settings, they are not immediately obvious among the buttons. The Doxy No. 3 has three buttons: power, +, and -. To find the pulses, turn the toy off and hold “power.” when the toy turns on, the pulse introduced is a pulse that kind of reminds me of a car revving up, going from weaker to stronger. Press “+,” and the pulse speeds up.

Something I haven’t figured out yet is the removeable cap. When Ruby demonstrated the No. 3 at Woodhull, she showed us all the great little trick of unscrewing the cap for easy cleaning. As great a feature as that is, I have been unable to get my cap unscrewed. While I am not the best at unscrewing various things such as bottle caps and jar lids, and it’s good to know that the head of the No. 3 won’t easily come unscrewed during use, I am still disappointed that I can’t find out how to unscrew mine.

The other problem with the No. 3 is the price tag. On Luvoqa, you can buy the No. 3 for $150. That’s a lot of money for a wand. The Magic Wand Rechargeable is $140, and rechargeable toys tend to be pricier than others. The Rechargeable also has more rumble, is rechargeable, can be used without a nine foot card, is rechargeable, and has a bit more power.

While I enjoyed testing these excellent products, each needs to work on pricing in order to increase customer accessibility. I know these products are great, but I got them for free for a review. Not everyone can say that.

Want to see the Sheets of San Francisco in action? Check out this video by Cara Sutra. These products were generously provided to me by Sheets of San Francisco and Doxy for an honest review. You can purchase the kinky sheets for $215 from Sheets of San Francisco. The Doxy No. 3 can be found on Luvoqa for $150.  

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