Tiger G5 by Fun Factory

Trekking through the wilderness of fascinating Fun Factory shapes, I came across the Tiger G5, a ribbed, teal creature that promised a rumble in my jungle. Boasting an uncircumcised phallus and prominent ribcage, I decided to document my experiences with the beautiful Tiger.

The Tiger comes in Fun Factory’s signature gold box with a red interior, including a 40 Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 6.33.52 PMinch USB cord with no wall plug. Wall plugs are cheap, and those with many electronics of their own are no doubt happy with the lack of an addition to what is likely a very large plug collection. However, it is an inconvenience to those who find themselves less electronically inclined.

The G5 line relies on a magnetic connection to charge, and in these toys the magnets hold well. The charger and the vibrator each have two small magnetic balls that can roll around each other when connected, allowing for the toy to shift without losing connection. The situation is much less desirable with the We-Vibe Tango, on which the magnets are flat. This makes for a finicky magnetic hold on the Tango, where the slightest change in position causes the toy to lose contact with the charger

Like most big cats, this vibe doesn’t mind the water. The magnetic charge allows the Tiger to be waterproof, making for easy cleaning with soap and water. The ribs catch Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 6.34.44 PMbodily fluids easily, so make sure to be thorough. Water-based lube should be used with the Tiger, and lots of it (adding to a need for a thorough post-jungle adventure cleaning), as Fun Factory’s trademark draggy medical grade silicone may leave you high and dry.

The Tiger is an internal vibrator that cannot make up its mind. Like many Fun Factory designs, the Tiger has a large bump at the base, which would appear to be the beginnings of a clitoral arm. While it stimulates my vulva rather nicely, I would not say that it reaches my clit at all; with the size of the nub, I’m not entirely sure it’s even supposed to. However, I enjoy the broad area it covers whether or not it includes the clit it was meant for, so I have no issue with this. With the size of the nub, I was not expecting it to be particularly attentive to my clit, so I had no hopes dashed or expectations challenged.

The abstractly foreskinned head snuggles nicely against my g-zone (a pleasurable area where my g-spot may be hiding, though the spot itself is still playing hide-and-seek among the jungle grasses), and provides encouragement to use the vibrations. It wasn’t until getting this toy that I had any interest in internal vibrations. They are usually a nice addition, but certainly not a requirement for my enjoyment. In this case, they drive me wild. I’m usually happy on the second speed setting.

The settings are what annoys me a bit about the Tiger (not because they aren’t nice vibrations; they are). They just don’t suit my particular tastes in the way they’re set up. The Tiger always turns on with the third steady vibration setting regardless of the last setting used. While the We-Vibe Tango turns on with the fourth (and strongest) steady setting after charging, the next time you turn it on, it will be on the setting you last used. For me (someone not crazy about internal vibration) the third setting is too strong. When I first turned it on inside of me, I was rushing to press the off button. It was almost painful for me. Again, take into account that while my clit is a champ with vibration, my vagina is a wimp.  

The vibrations themselves are distinctive to Fun Factory. It is an interesting combination of buzzy and rumbly that only Fun Factory can seem to come up with. It feels great (on the first or second setting) in my vagina. I also adore the buttons on the Tiger and, for Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 6.34.27 PMthat matter, all of their current rechargeable vibrators.

The Tiger has a hard plastic handle with three bubble-like plastic buttons. They are clearly labeled ‘FUN (I love that Fun Factory’s toys get turned on with the Fun button!),’ ‘+ (next setting),’ and ‘- (previous setting).’ These buttons are easy to find and easy to use. For comparison, I don’t like the buttons on the We-Vibe Nova or most Lelo toys. The raised silicone buttons on the silicone handle are too subtle for my fingers, and I have trouble changing the settings on these toys. Fun Factory’s buttons are obvious to the point that they even light up. The Fun button glows red, with + and – glowing white, so you can tell which button is which even in the dark.

The Tiger has a prominent ribbed texture up and down one side of the shaft. I like asymmetrical designs like this, as one side makes for easier thrusting while the textured side rubs my g-zone. However, this is a texture I’m not crazy about. While I enjoy using the Tiger, I would like it more if the ribs were larger, like on the Fun Factory Semilino or the Tantus Echo. But alas, a tiger cannot change its stripes. The ribcage of this tiger features stripes that are small, close, and make for a bite worse that its roar. Its roar is quiet compared to many stronger (and even weaker) vibes. It certainly doesn’t make a noise that will travel outside of the bedroom.

If you’re looking for a nice rumble in your jungle, the Tiger is a pretty great vibrator. It is overpriced at $139.99, as there are penetrative toys with better vibration for cheaper. However, the buttons alone are enough to make me prefer this vibrator, as I find them so much easier to use than on most toys. I also don’t require better or stronger vibrations, and love supporting a company with such fun (and largely non-phallic) designs and such a great color selection.

My Tiger is in Petrol; it’s also available in India Red, Violet, and as a part of Fun Factory’s Black Line. You can purchase it from Fun Factory for $139.99. I bought this toy, and based this article on my personal experiences.


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