Nova by We-Vibe

When an adult store gets a new toy in stock, some companies will send testers to put into display stands for customers to try out (with their hands only). When we got the Nova at work, we got a lot of testers, more than we could possible put on display. To clear things out, I got to take one home to try myself. I had heard many fantastic things from fellow bloggers, and was curious as to how this dual vibrator would compare to the ones before it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 8.17.58 PMWhile the Nova would normally come in We-Vibe’s colorful, classy packaging, my tester was simply the toy and charging cord in a white storage bag. We-Vibe has updated their magnetic chargers, so rather than the common trapezoid plug used on many phone chargers as well as We-Vibe 4 and Tango chargers, the new cord is made specifically for the new magnets. While the new magnets look like buttons on the toys (which can be confusing), they are much stronger than the magnets on the Tango. While the Tango is finicky to charge, the new magnets hold on well.

The actual buttons on the Nova are frustrating for me. Like many high-end rechargeable insertables, the Nova has a silicone handle with raised buttons. Similar to the Lelo button pads, the Nova has a circular divot in the middle of four buttons, all raised silicone. The only button I can feel easily is the divot (so at least I can turn off the toy without looking). All the other buttons require me to look at the toy before it goes in, insert it, and fumble around for the raised texture. Silicone handles, in my experience, don’t make for very distinct buttons.

My favorite buttons are the ones on the Fun Factory toys. They are hard plastic bubbles on a hard plastic handle. The power button lights up red, while the other two light up Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 8.18.10 PMwhite. There’s only the three easy-to-feel buttons. With all of the fumbling around for buttons on the Nova, you can easily get (water-based) lube or body gunk on the button pad. However, the Nova is waterproof and easy to clean with soap and water.

If you dislike the lubey buttons as much as I do, the Nova also uses We-Vibe’s app. As I am not very keen on powerful internal vibrators, the app is a saving grace. I can bump up the power in the external arm, and almost completely turn off the internal arm. For those who like a lot more internal power than I do, the Nova is very rumbly and powerful in both the internal and external arms. Gone are the days of weak and unforgivably buzzy clitoral arms. In my opinion, We-Vibe has some of the best vibration power on the market.

Compared to other dual vibrators on the market, the Nova has a very long external arm. While this makes it accessible to a larger variety of bodies than most other dual vibrators, the external arm is too long for me. When I set it on top, it exerts a lot of
painful pressure to various areas of my upper mons. If I set it under my clit, it presses up painfully into my clit.

The only way to make it work right for me was to use one hand to hold the handle, the other to hold the arm in the right spot, while holding it a bit away from my vulva so I felt the vibration without the pressure. While dual vibrators advertise as everything a person could want, internal, external, and vibrating pieces, I prefer to have two toys. It Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 8.19.03 PMsaves the enormous amount of exasperation and fumbling I experienced with this toy. I like internal toys without vibration that I can thrust, and earth-shattering external vibrations that I can control the pressure of.

On that note, thrusting, or even comfortable positioning, is a trying experience for me. With where everything was situated, the bulbous end of the inner arm exerted uncomfortable vaginal pressure. I have a lot of trouble finding my g-spot, and whatever the Nova was exerting pressure on, it wasn’t my g-spot. It was some other internal place that didn’t like the pressure, that felt uncomfortable. Pushing the vibe into the general direction of my g-spot increased internal pressure, while moving the external arm uncomfortably under my clit. Moving it away from my g-spot moved the external arm to put extremely uncomfortable pressure above my clit. There was no winning for me.

This toy just didn’t work for me. I’ve heard a lot of great things from other bloggers. I’m super impressed with the vibration range and power, and I’m glad the elongated external arm makes it such a great dual vibrator for so many people, but it just wasn’t comfortable for me at all. This just goes to show that no one toy will work for everyone. To answer the age-old question “what’s the perfect toy?” I would answer, not a single toy, but a range of toys to fit your various bodily requirements. Ultimately, a dual vibrator is not usually the answer.

Nova comes in this salmon hue. Get it for $149.99 from Betty’s Toy Box or Luvoqa. I received this toy, and based this article on my personal experiences.


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