The Dodil by Dodil

Life isn’t static. While we, as individuals, have our preferences, we also enjoy changing things up. This extends into sex. What Dodil offers is a toy that can be literally molded to reflect our changing desires.


Arriving in the mail with the label ‘stainless steel thermos’ (an excellent way to mail aScreen Shot 2017-12-30 at 9.49.42 PM sex toy!), the Dodil comes in a beautiful turquoise canister. Not only does the thermos make an excellent storage case, it also helps in the process of molding the dildo.

As nice as the packaging is, the toy itself leaves much to be desired. There is a seam running around the side of the dildo. These days, most companies have completely smooth shapes without a seam in sight, and I see no reason for Dodil not to do the same. The seam doesn’t bother me in use, but it does take away any aesthetic appeal it may have had otherwise.

Another gripe I have is the d on the base of the toy. The d is the company mark, and it sits on a kind of silicone button that has been inserted in the base of the toy. The edge of silicone around it was not completely sealed around the button when I received it, so I suspect cheap glue. This means you should not insert the base of the dildo for any reason, as it isn’t sanitizable.

Like the seam around the toy, the button is more evidence that Dodil didn’t try as hard as they should have. Why not stamp the d on the silicone itself, rather than on a piece inserted into the base that compromises some of the safety of the toy?


The Dodil has a thermoplastic core, meaning that it’s hard as a rock until heated, then takes on a form I can only compare to warm playdoh. Seeing this thermoplastic in action is really, really cool.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.10.06 PMTo create a shape of your own, expect the process to take about an hour. Boil water on the stove, pour the water into the thermos, and put the lid on (depending on the shape of the dildo, the lid will not always screw on, but as long as it is covering the Dodil, this is fine). Hot water from the tap will not work; it softened the topmost surface ever so slightly, but the toy still felt like glass at the core, hard and unforgiving. Wait ~30 minutes for the dildo to soften in the thermos, and then you can begin to shape it with your hands. A tip provided in the instructions suggests pouring out some of the water and letting the canister sit for a minute without the lid, in order to cool the dildo enough to handle comfortably.

For a textured shape, use the orange cord that comes with it to tie around the dildo (rubber bands work as well). I ran cold water over the finished shape and popped it into the  refrigerator to cool, as letting the Dodil sit on it’s own can flatten it on one side or lead to it losing its shape entirely if you don’t hold it in the shape you’re going for. Also, it speeds up the process.

In Use

While the Dodil is an expensive dildo at around $100, it offers a great opportunity to explore all kinds of shapes and textures haven’t been manufactured yet in other toys. It allows for an adventure in exploring what will and won’t work for youScreen Shot 2017-12-30 at 9.45.53 PM

While the Dodil offers a variety of shapes and textures, there is no changing the feeling of the material itself. This dildo is not for those who like soft insertables like VixSkin or other dual density silicones. The Dodil is comparable to glass with a thin layer of silicone over it, hard and unforgiving. This is probably why I like it as much as I do; I love hard, unyielding insertables. Dual density is fine, but it gives in to the whims of my vagina far too easily.

In spite of the issues of cheap quality, I did enjoy the Dodil. I was able to make textures and shapes catered to my own tastes. I love that I get to mold it, to try new things. The Dodil caters to your individuality. Improve some of the quality, and it may be hard to put a price on that.

This toy was generously provided to me by Luvoqa in exchange for an honest review. The Dodil comes in this turquoise, and can be purchased for $81 with the cord, or $111 if you want it with the thermos (which I recommend for storage and heating safety purposes). This article is based on my personal experiences, and all opinions are my own.

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