Double Trouble by Gläs

This dildo looks boring. I’ll put that right out there. Outside of a swollen head on each side, there are no bumps, no waves, no sex toy static to interrupt the smooth, hard shape. It’s got a slight curve, though nothing like the njoy Pure Wand. The heads are not shaped with a flat g-spotting end. Even the color, a happy pink on the box, is a dull, clear color in reality, difficult to photograph, and not particularly inspiring.

The Double Trouble was not only my first body-safe dildo, it is also the dildo I used that led to an extended orgasm so fantastic it made its existence known to the public through a tweet.


Before I tried glass, I was nervous. I’d used softer materials up to that point (one jelly Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.35.55 PMdildo before I learned about material safety, and up to that point I hardly used it, as I wasn’t super into penetration yet), and glass seemed so firm and unforgiving.

It quickly became a favorite material of mine.

I love how hard glass is, how unyielding. I’m pretty sexually submissive, and with glass, you submit; it doesn’t cater to the whims of your genitals, it doesn’t bend to their will, it has a mind of its own. Beyond that, silicone texture varies by company, but glass is consistently smooth, glides easy, and doesn’t require heavy amounts of lubricant to use. It’s also not finicky with what kind of lubricant you use. Unlike silicone, glass can be used with any body safe lubricant.


The packaging is just as effortless. Literally, effortless. Like my other Gläs dildo, the box is cavernous, and the glass is wrapped in thin foam and rubber bands, offering no long-term protection as it jostles next to products varying in material and hardness. Luckily, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 1.10.38 AMglass is sturdier than people think (if made by a reputable company), and I trust that it will last through the years, buddying up to my other toys, telling jokes about how hard it is.

The glass itself is a clear pink, difficult to photograph, and not as brightly colored as the box would lead one to believe. It’s simple, not as flashy as some other glass toys, but pretty to look at just the same. 

In Use

The Double Trouble is my go-to dildo, the one I base my opinions of many other dildos on. It fills me up in just the right way, gentle when I need a smooth touch, ruthless when it rubs me just the right way. I also like the weight. As great as stainless steel toys are, they are heavy, and may require lots of repositioning and lots of practice until their comfortable (the njoy Pure Wand feels great, but it also feels like it’s falling through my vagina).

Is there anything I don’t like about the Double Trouble? Hell yes: Purchasing it. Gläs has a website, but in order to purchase their products, the shopper is lead to some sketchy adult shop website that I do not feel comfortable recommending. So how did I get my hands on their products? The store I used to work in can purchase them from its distributors. Want a Double Trouble or something more textured? Call them. I know it’s more effort than online ordering, but I absolutely cannot recommend the site Gläs sells through.

In spite of the purchasing problem, I love the Double Trouble. I love everything about it. It’s so simple, and so effective for me. It’s doesn’t vibrate, but my vagina is rarely one vibrations anyways. Give me a clit vibe in one hand and a dildo in the other, and I’m happy.

I bought this toy from the shop I work at for $22.95. I’ve had trouble finding Gläs for sale, as their website is more for show, so I don’t have recommendations for places to find the Double Trouble! However you can reach out to this brick-and-mortar store and order one over the phone (old fashioned, I know). This article is based on my personal experiences.


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