Snug Plug 1 and Novice by b-vibe

I have made it my quest this year to find butt stuff that is beginner friendly and safe for fellow butthurt babes. Some things that I have found lacking in this corner of the industry:

  1. Butt stuff that is sufficiently small enough for nervous beginners
  2. Decent vibrations in these small sizes

Amidst this search comes b-vibe, and the Beginner Buttstuff Bundle. The Bundle offers the Novice (beginner sized vibrator for butts) and a choice of Snug Plug 1 or 2 (this review is for the 1, as I found it fitting to try the smallest of the two).

Material and Extras

When I started out with butt exploration, I stuck to stainless steel for its smooth texture. Silicone is so varied, you never know what you’re going to get unless you do yourScreen Shot 2018-03-25 at 11.55.41 AM research, or are familiar with the company from which you’re ordering. Good news is, b-vibe has buttery-soft silicone that is also firm for easy insertability. As a plus, I haven’t yet noticed a lingering butt smell.

This silicone can be cleaned with soap and water, and each can be wiped down with a 10% bleach solution. Unfortunately, the Novice is only splash proof, so be careful with shower and bath play, and don’t boil for sterilization.

If you’re like me and have furry animals that love to remind you of their presence by leaving hairs everywhere, you’re in luck! Provided with each toy is a wonderful storage case. The Snug Plug comes in a small bag that zips and can fit in a purse, and the Novice has a large plastic zippered case with a small pocket inside for things like the instructions, b-vibe’s Guide to Anal Play, and the magnetic charger cord (wall plug not included).

The Novice

This little triangular plug has a rounded tip and a smooth transition to the slightly largerScreen Shot 2018-03-25 at 12.21.24 PM bottom. Most plugs I’ve come across have pointed tips, and I found myself preferring the rounded end of the Novice, as pointed tips can be uncomfortably pokey from time to time during insertion and use.

Unlike many butt vibrators, the Novice has solid vibrations. Not the rumbliest compared to many external vibes, but by butt vibrator standards, they’re very good. As for using the vibrations, you can press the button on the base of the toy, or use the controller. Considering the location of the toy and the titanium rod screwed into my spine, I much prefer using the remote. The excellent connection saves me the frustration of pointing the remote aggressively at my ass.

To set up the remote, press Power on the Novice, then press power on the remote. The settings include + and – for power settings, and a squiggle for pulsations. For manual use, press Power on the plug, and Power again for manual mode. Continuing to press Power changes the settings, and a press and hold on the button will turn it off.

While it may seem like a lot to deal with in one button, I love that I’m not pressingScreen Shot 2018-03-25 at 11.56.05 AM buttons randomly because I can’t remember which button does what, and I can’t see the handle to find out. The only thing about this setup that I am not thrilled about is the CR 2032 battery for the remote. I can’t help but wonder when rechargeable remotes will become a thing. Luckily, the remote comes with a battery with purchase. The Novice itself is magnetically charged.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the Novice, there is one change I would make: you have to clench. Do kegels with your butt muscles. The short, thick neck is close enough in size to the plug itself that it constantly feels like it wants to pop out. Making a thinner, longer neck would seriously help with this. Because of this, I don’t recommend wearing the plug around outside the home.

Snug Plug 1

The 1 is a small, geometrically shaped plug with a 55g weight inside. The bigger the SnugScreen Shot 2018-03-25 at 12.36.59 PM Plug, the bigger the weight. For your beginner convenience, b-vibe includes a user guide with insertion and removal instructions.

While I love the look of the geometric shape, which is pretty unique for butt toys, I did have difficulty with insertion. I think it comes down to how flat the top is due to the shape. If the top was more pointed, and the geometric edge was down further, it would retain the cool shape while allowing for easier insertion.

Once inserted, it stays in place very well. Unlike the Novice, the Snug Plug has a thin, long neck that helps keep the plug in place. Unfortunately, also unlike the Novice, which has a short and stocky base, the long, thin base of the Snug Plug gets in the way of other toys. I end up trying to move the base to the side to allow for dildo insertion in my vagina. This doesn’t make for the best sexual experience. However, I enjoy butt things enough that I can get off just fine with a vibrator and a butt plug. Sometimes, though, I want to go the extra mile, and this may not be the butt plug for that particular adventure.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed these b-vibes products. The silicone is smooth and supple, and feels safe and comfortable to use in place of stainless steel, which may be too heavy a sensation for many bodies. The vibrations don’t disappoint, and the sizing is excellent, as I feel many small sizes for butt things either have inadequate bases, or are too large for the comfort of nervous beginners. I think the Beginner Buttstuff Bundle is excellent for a beginner’s buttstuff needs.

The Novice comes in fuschia and black. Snug Plugs 1 and 2 come in purple or black. Get the Beginner Buttstuff Bundle for $175 from b-vibe, or get the Novice for $130, Snug Plug 1 or 2 for $45. The Bundle includes 8oz. of lube and 4oz. of foaming cleanser from System Jo. This toy was generously provided to me by b-vibe in exchange for an honest review.

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