Cayona by Fun Factory

Running through a field of blooming sex toys, I came across this small, insertable chunk of pastel sunshine. Floral’ in shape, Cayona is exceedingly simplistic in its appearance and design.

I suspect this vibrator would be great for those just beginning insertion, or who are not totally comfortable with insertion, due to its short, small stature, slight curve, and what I realized was a hardly detectable texture. This is a vanilla bean dressed in yellow, and much like the poppy, this simple device has a means of putting me to sleep with its featureless characteristics.

Material and Appearance

Back in the day, Fun Factory was infamous for its gritty, grabby silicone. While still Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 6.18.55 PMgrabby, the newer toys, including Cayona, have a smoother, softer silicone, comparable to a waxy flower petal.

Speaking of which, Fun Factory’s website states Cayona is a flora-inspired vibrator. By ‘flora’ I’m guessing they went with Georgia O’Keefe’s interpretation, which is to say, ‘vulva.’ Feast your eyes on the delicate curve of the labia, the round button tip of clitoris, the shallow crevice dividing the toy in half.

To add their own personal, quirky touch, Fun Factory made this Cayona look like banana-flavored Laffy Taffy.

Vibrations and Controls

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 6.18.10 PMA note on the buttons, as mentioned several times previously: I. LOVE. THEM. Distinct bubbles of light, easy to find with lubey fingers, easy to press, easy to memorize their various functions. I absolutely loathe the raised silicone etchings of vibrators like those on the Nova. Too many buttons, barely distinguished from the surrounding surface.

As for the vibrations, my vagina has a soft spot for Fun Factory. The 6 speeds and 6 patterns provide a good variety, and aren’t buzzy enough to annoy my vagina, or powerful enough to scare it. My vagina is not a power queen, and Cayona provides sensations that fit right into my comfort zone.

Lock Setting

Fun Factory includes some great lock settings on its vibrators, making them good travel buddies, and easy to hide because no one will hear a mysterious vibrating caused by a shift in objects. To use this feature, press and hold FUN and – until the button lights flicker and the toy vibrates. Unlock the fun by pressing and holding FUN and + until the thunder and lightning show previously described.

After charging, the Cayona will be automatically locked. When trying to turn it on, the vibrator will remind you which buttons are used to unlock, as FUN and + flash their lights. 

In Use

This vibrator is beautiful; it has many excellent features. However, I find that it’s bad in bed.

There is no texture to this toy. The vulva shape provides a landscape for the toy, but this is hardly if at all felt in use. The modest arch, short stature, and almost paltry circumference left me with boring experience and dull orgasm. There are no waves to rub my g-zone, and the tip jabs uncomfortably at my insides.

It just feels so damn uninteresting.

Cayona comes in Candy Green, Candy Blue, Candy Rose, Candy Lemon.  Get it for $99 from Fun Factory. I bought this toy, and based this article on my personal experiences.

One thought on “Cayona by Fun Factory

  1. So pretty and I agree they have a great button system, shame this was a let down for you. When these arrived in my shop, I excitedly gushed to a coworker “it looks like a vulva!”

    But I knew it wouldn’t be for me, either, for a different reason than yours – the vibrations on that line of toys aren’t enough for me (I have the Dolly Bi).

    I do like that that they have a good number of steady intensities, though. And to be fair, I tend to only use internal vibration if I have external vibrations as well – hence being frustrated that the Dolly Bi yielded no orgasms as a dual stimulator or even when I used the internal part externally to get better access to the motor. Too bad, because I like Fun Factory in general and love the idea of a vulva-looking vibe to put on a vulva 🙂 I bet it’d work as a decent external vibe for some people who need less power and less rumble than I do.


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