Vesper by Crave

I’ve never considered myself a big jewelry person. I don’t wear bracelets, and my wedding ring spends evenings on my nightstand. I have a large collection of dangly earrings gathering dust as they wait for fancy occasions that rarely come.

Necklaces, however, I wear nearly every single day (okay, mainly one necklace, which may or may not contain a Deathly Hallows charm, but whatever). I like having something to fiddle with, and necklaces don’t give me an earache or get in the way of my typing. The Vesper necklace has the added benefit of making me feel like I’m carrying a secret, one of those secrets that’s right in front of your eyes, but you never notice it.


The Vesper is part of a class of sex toys that masquerade as jewelry. Long and straight,Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 9.16.14 PM when I initially saw the toy, I mistook it to signify a nail from the cross, a religious symbol.

This is odd, as I was interning at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health at the time. However, my religious upbringing was likely to blame, and if a CSPH intern can make this mistake, then perhaps this would be a good piece to wear to church? I feel that the experience would be similar to wearing lingerie under your clothes when you go out in public: you have an exciting secret, and are filled with excitement (or turned on) by the face that no one is any the wiser.

The Vesper comes on a long, thin chain. My taste in necklaces is typically a length that brings a charm to rest between the upper sides of my breasts, so I found the chain to be too long for my taste, with the end of the Vesper almost touching my belly button. Then again, maybe there’s a purpose for this with wearers who have short torsos like me. If you happen to be more flexible than I, you could try getting yourself off while wearing it.


The Vesper comes with three steady vibrations (low, medium, high) and one pulse setting, all quiet enough so as not to disturb anyone in the next room. This vibe stays on the previous setting used, whether it’s been turned off for a period of time, or plugged in to charge. To charge it, screw off the cap and screw the body of the vibrator onto theScreen Shot 2018-04-07 at 3.26.35 PM charger. Due to the short length of the charger, the Vesper is best charged from a computer on a table or desk, rather than left to dangle from an outlet. This will put stress on the cord, and significantly reduce the life of the charger.

Crave provides a beautiful grey suede pouch containing three sections. I use one for the vibrator, one for the cap and chain, and the third to store the charger cord. I love the pouch, as it protects the vibrator from getting scratched or the pieces from getting lost, and on top of all this it just looks super classy. The quality of the pouch also matches and reflects the quality of the product.

As Vesper is a metal bullet, it has some weight to its small stature as well, weighing in at 24 grams. For those allergic to nickel, Vesper is nickel-free. Being a metal vibrator, I would expect that it may heat up uncomfortably, especially as it’s so small. However, the instructions state that Vesper was designed to heat up as it vibrates. It doesn’t heat up significantly, which makes me wonder if the vibrator was designed in anticipation of it heating up, in order to better protect the vibrator.

In Use

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 9.16.39 PMFor its modest form, the Vesper packs a good amount of power. It’s a great warm-up toy, and sure to get someone off who isn’t a total power queen like myself. In use, I recommend making the Vesper a solo session, as the thrusting of a dildo or penis made the vibrating sensation all but disappear. The vibrations are indistinct when used with the larger movements of a dildo, likely due to the size of the bullet.

While not my usual powerhouse vibrator, it can get me off and make me feel pretty too.

Vesper comes in this rose gold ($79) and silver ($69), referring to the head and chain of the toy, while the body remains silver. For $149, Vesper is also available in gold (head, chain, and body). I bought this toy, and based this article on my personal experiences.


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