Silicone Lubricants: Uberlube vs. Sliquid Silver

Silicone lube is not always a favorite among people. It has a reputation of sheet-staining and creating forever-slippery spots on floors. Because of this, it can be a nightmare to travel with. It also isn’t as natural as water- and aloe-based lubes, and tends to be more expensive. Another point is that, while silicone is a popular and body-safe sex toy material, silicone lubes shouldn’t be used with them, as they could potentially ruin what is more than likely to be a very expensive toy.

This is not to say it isn’t useful. It can be great for chub rub and fixing squeaky hinges, as well as a frizz-control hair product. It is also long-lasting, and won’t dry out like most water-based lubricants.

Appearance, Design, and Advertising

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 2.54.15 PMUberlube comes in a clear glass bottle that has a pump top, while my Sliquid Silver comes in Sliquid’s standard plastic bottle with a pop top. However, Sliquid does have a (more expensive) fancy glass bottle version of their silicone lube, also with a pump top. Between the two, I prefer the pump, as the pop top allows some lube to slide over the lip and down the bottle. Once a container is silicone-ified, it is pretty much slippery and lubey forever.

I also love the pump top because it releases a measured amount of lube. You won’t end up with too much silicone, which can be easy to do with the pop cap. It can be easy to overdo it on silicone lube (see In Use below), so a pump top is super helpful, especially to those who are new to silicone lube.

To store my Uberlube, I keep it separated from my other lubes by storing it in a plastic bag, just in case the pump top is pushed by something. In the 2 years I’ve had it, this has never happened, but … preventative measures are never a bad idea.


Sliquid and Uberlube have almost identical ingredients, with the exception of vitamin E in Uberlube, and a guarantee of vegan and hypoallergenic ingredients in Sliquid Silver. Uberlube’s ingredients list is next to impossible to find on their website, and I’m curious as to how Sliquid claims vegan and hypoallergenic ingredients while Uberlube doesn’t considering the list includes many of the same ingredients. Perhaps it is related to the sources of those ingredients, or maybe the absence of ingredients from Uberlube’s
website meant they felt little reason to advertise vegan and hypoallergenic ingredients. Alas, I do not know the answer at this time.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 7.43.13 AMSliquid Silver ingredients lists match from website to product. Kind of hard to mess up an ingredients list this simple:

  • Dimethicone (silicone, non-toxic and non-flammable)
  • Dimethiconol (silicone gum used in cosmetics)
  • Cyclopentasiloxane (organosilicon compound used in cosmetics)

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 7.48.32 AMUberlube ingredients are not listed on the website (or at least not in a place I can find…). The ingredients on the bottle and sample packet match, and as the packet doesn’t include a pump, it tells the user to ‘start with a little,’ which is an excellent tip (see In Use below).

  • Dimethicone (silicone, non-toxic and non-flammable)
  • Dimethiconol (silicone gum used in cosmetics)
  • Cyclomethicone (organosilicon compound used in cosmetics)
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E supplement often used in dermatological products)

Taste and Smell

Each of these lubes is completely unscented. In the mouth, Uberlube and Sliquid are oily and flavorless, which is an odd sensation on my tongue, but not unpleasant. Because of the oily feel, I wouldn’t love doing a blowjob with the stuff, as it’s likely to linger in the mouth for a bit afterwards, unless you want to wash your mouth out with soap.

In Use

Unlike oil-based lubes, another long-lasting, non-water-based lubricant option, silicone lube is safe to use with condoms. However, it should not be used with silicone toys, as it could potentially ruin the toy (this varies depending on the quality of both toy and lube, but don’t try experimenting unless it’s a toy you don’t like anyways).

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 7.45.37 AMBesides being known for drying out after a few minutes of use, water-based lube is difficult to use in the tub or shower, as it washes off easily (although this is great for cleanup!) On the other hand, silicone lube is great for the shower. It takes thorough washing with soap and water to remove silicone lube, so it stays on the genitals well during a wet and sexy session. As for the consistency of the lube, it’s similar to oil-based lubes in it’s oily feel, but has a thickness that oil lacks. Because of this, when using silicone lube, it’s easy to use too much of it. Some friction in sexual activity is good, and too much silicone lube can take away a lot of the feeling during sex. So the pump top on the Uberlube bottle is nice, because it only gives you a little lube at a time. With water-based lubricants, you may end up using a lot more, if it dries out. With silicone lube, the rule is that a little goes a long way. This is why it’s ideal for anal sexual activities (at least in my sensitive-butt opinion). You don’t have to refresh the lube, it’s smooth and wet, it doesn’t dry out and lasts for the whole sexual session. I love using stainless steel and glass toys for my sensitive butt, not only because silicone toys may have some drag, but because then I can use silicone lube without being afraid that I’ll dry out.without friction, you don’t feel much of anything, and (at least in my experience) the sex becomes a little lackluster.

Final Thoughts

I am happy with both Sliquid and Uberlube. As silicone is already more expensive than Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 2.49.58 PMother lubes, I would recommend Sliquid, as it will save you a dollar or two per bottle. Ultimately, they gave me the same experience in use, and in a blind test I would not be able to tell you the difference between the two. While the reasons for not using silicone lube are valid (see into), I love it because it’s long-lasting, unlike many water-based lubes, and pairs great with my stainless steel toys for butt stuff.

This article is part of my #SlidingIntoSummer series! Sliquid Silver is available on Luvoqa for $14-$32 with options of 2, 4.2, and 8.5 oz. You can get 3.4oz in a glass bottle for $28, which is more expensive than the 4.2oz option. Uberlube is available for a slighty more expensive $15-$28, with options of 50ml/1.69oz, 100ml/3.38oz, or in sample and travel sizes. I bought this lube, and based this article on my personal experiences.

10 thoughts on “Silicone Lubricants: Uberlube vs. Sliquid Silver

  1. Thanks for going into detail on pros and cons of silicone lube vs water based! I think it’s important silicone lube reviews and recommendations come with caveats – the “could cause issues with silicone toys depending on quality of toy and lube” I do see a lot, but the ones about stains, washing it off, potential travel issues, and slipperiness, I don’t see as often, so kudos.

    Though my butt is not as sensitive as yours, it’s still somewhat sensitive so I totally hear you on the greatness of silicone lube and glass or metal plugs. Uberlube is my go-to on the rare occasions I bring out my small glass plug. Cool to know Sliquid Silver feels very similar in use.

    The science nerd in me likes the uberlube bottles a lot because they look like lab glassware (and the story behind the lube’s creation I was told is also good scientific experiment type nerdy fun). Also they make travel size ones and a canister to keep the travel size ones from being pumped, which is cool, but the little ones cost more per ounce so, that’s no fun.

    Thanks for the thorough review!

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