Pure Plug Small by njoy

Content Warning: Poop. This is a butt plug review from someone with a butt illness. Expect me to always talk about poop in instances such as these.

This plug is a wealth of opportunity for me. I get to know my body better, become familiar with the intricate muscles of the rectum and anus. I don’t fear my body much, as my condition has led to me becoming more comfortable with my body.

I am curious and wish to explore. With limits of course.

During a flare, I don’t know when I will have to use the bathroom, so using the plug or pulling it out could lead to an accident on the boundary of what I am prepared to deal with (thanks to my knowledge of the inner workings of my body, and signs to look out for on a daily basis, this has not happened yet.).

Appearance and Extras

The Pure Plug is a gorgeous, silver stainless steel with a tiny etching of ‘njoy’ on the handle that you can just feel with your fingers. The steel is smooth, the shape flowing from bulbous head to slim stem, to the dramatic loop of the flattened handle. Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 12.02.59 PM.png

Upon pulling it out of my body, the steel shows very little residue. The need to poop comes from fecal matter being in the last couple inches of intestine. If you don’t feel the need to use the bathroom, either due to a recent poop or, like me, an intimate knowledge of what kind of mood your butt is in, then you don’t need to worry about seeing much on the plug after. I also don’t use enemas, so I hope you find some small comfort in my saying that the plug isn’t difficult to look at after use.

Material and Weight

The Pure Plug Small weighs in at 5oz. In the hand it feels rather significant compared to a silicone plug of similar size, and in the ass, I definitely know it’s there (more on this later). However, thanks to the brilliant design, the plug will not come out unless you pull it out. Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 12.05.45 PM.png

The stainless steel is so effortlessly smooth. I feel more comfortable steel than using silicone, which has inconsistent texture from company to company. You could have a smooth, plastic-y silicone, a soft, supple silicone, or a grainy, grabby silicone that sucks up lube and could make for a frustrating experience. Silicone is also much more likely to retain scent after use.

While I have a very inferior nose (example: I can’t smell weed), I cannot detect any leftover scent while holding up the toy about a foot from my face (it’s doesn’t count if you stick your nose right into it, as there will never be a need for this unless it’s your kind of sexual thing). A quick cleaning with a 10% bleach solution and some soap and water, and you’re ready for the next round. 

In Use

I get to practice flexing my anal muscles as well as my mind. I have a hard time getting lost in a sexual act and letting go of my control. Relaxing enough to get the inner muscle to loosen and let the plug through is an excellent mental exercise for me. I am the kind of person who is often told they think too much. My anxiety and emotional issues make this all the more difficult.

I’ve only ever put it in after arousing myself with a vibrator. It helps me relax a bit, which makes me more comfortable putting it in. I could probably put it in cold if I wanted, but I don’t have a particular desire to do so. Putting in a plug is uncomfortable for me, initially. It’s not painful, but it doesn’t feel great. I don’t use plugs or small dildos in my ass often enough to be well-practiced at relaxing, and my discomfort would likely cease with practice. But don’t let the idea of discomfort stop you if you want to explore! Penetrative sex is initially uncomfortable for many, but that hasn’t stopped most people. Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 12.07.42 PM.png

A butt plug on it’s own doesn’t do much for me. But combined with a vibrator, which excites my body and makes me squeeze my pelvic muscles, the motion makes it much more exciting. Using a dildo and a vibe with the plug makes me feel full and immensely satisfied. If I’m using butt toys and a vibrator without a dildo, I tend to prefer something that vibrates or is thrustable, something that has movement.

I don’t like wearing this, or any plug, if I’m not enjoying sexual activity as well. I’ll be frank, keeping the plug in throughout the day honestly feels extremely similar to holding back a fart or a poo. I have been trained to be very aware of ‘need to go’ feelings, due to my ulcerative colitis, and having a plug sitting in the base of my ass seriously screws up my radar. It doesn’t feel sexy to me, it feels like I need to take it out so I can be more comfortable.

Of course, if I’m experiencing abdominal pain or cramps, I stay away from butt-related things, often forgoing sex completely. If I’m not in pain, however, I still have no clear way of knowing whether or not it’s safe to explore the back alley. Unlike most others, I can’t have a ‘good poop’ and know that my system is ready to go. 

Outside of these feelings, the plug really is comfortable. It is not painful or uncomfortable, the shape of the stopper is fits nicely between my cheeks, and it stays in place until I pull it out myself. This is the result of impeccable design that I can very much appreciate, whether or not I want to keep it in. 

The Pure Plug comes in shiny silver stainless steel in small, medium, or large sizes. Get it for $65-$85 from Betty’s ToyBox or Luvoqa. I bought this toy, and based this article on my personal experiences.


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