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Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation by Satisfyer

Another day, another Satisfyer review. While, yes, I realize that this is only the second review I’ve written for them, it’s also the fourth toy I’ve tried, one of which has already been discontinued, though the review was posted within the last few months. I appreciate that Satisfyer is always working to get new models… Continue reading Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation by Satisfyer

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Hero by Perry Moore

This review was originally written for the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health Thom Creed lives with his father, working several jobs to help keep them afloat. Their lives are built on secret identities, identities that they keep hidden even from each other. These secrets play out not only through the concept of the superhero,… Continue reading Hero by Perry Moore


#SFS17: Thursday

For day one of Woodhull, there was a single conference called The Color of Choice (on racial and reproductive justice) that was taking place all day. Wanting to start my day with some learning, I dressed and went downstairs, quickly finding a friend and entering the conference room. We got to take part in a… Continue reading #SFS17: Thursday


#SFS17: Wednesday

When I was interning last summer at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, I had a financial choice to make: I could go camping with the Center crew, or I could go to Woodhull. Not knowing much about the conference, I chose to spend a weekend in Maine, where I watched people go down… Continue reading #SFS17: Wednesday

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Crescendo by Mysteryvibe

Some people say that size matters, while others say it’s all about how you use it. Personally, I’ve always been in the “how you use it” camp. It’s more body inclusive, and it doesn’t make anyone feel ashamed of themselves. This is why I can enjoy using both the Godemiche Ambit with it’s bulky head,… Continue reading Crescendo by Mysteryvibe