Artemisia FemmeCock: A glitter-jizzing queer artist who takes phenomenal photos of sex toys that are a constant source of inspiration. FemmeCock has great information on vegan retailers, barriers, lubes, BDSM items, and more. Visit FemmeCock’s site for excellent video tutorials on creating your own rope strap-on harness and tying the Magic Wand to a chair for hands-free masturbation.

Ace in the Hole: Taryn is an asexual, biromantic femme blogging about sex toys, books, and experiences. Answering questions on asexuality and masturbation, Taryn shows a different, and important, side to sexuality.

Bea Deviant: This genderweird kinkster believes that “what happens in the bedroom cannot be divorced from the world at large,” taking an interest in the intersection of intimacy and power. Bea writes about identity, sexuality, and deviance through kink, BDSM, polyamory, non-monogamy, and a pleasure-focused perspective.

Dangerous Lilly: A sex toy science geek, critic, and “dildo burner,” Lilly can teach you how to flame-test toys and pick the perfect lube for your pH. Lilly also has an excellent list of bloggers’ body preferences so you can find a blogger and a product to match your needs.

Come Heather: Heather hails from the Puritanical Hellscape, and brings with her excellent (for readers, at least) sex toy stories that are included in her reviews. Humorous and clever, Come Heather is a lighthearted blog that always leaves you in a better mood. Check out Heather’s articles that group dildos big and small for informed comparison.

Emmeline Peaches: Based in the UK, Peaches fought a war against vaginismus and won. The end of each article includes a quick guide to what body a product would and would not be good for.

Formidable Femme: Survivor, sex blogger and essayist, this wand-wielding femme-nist writes eloquently on topics such as feminist companies and blogger harassment. Femme’s blog was inspired by her senior thesis, making her a blogger after my own academic heart!

Girly Juice: Blowjob lipstick tester, speaker, writer, and singer/songwriter, this sex and lifestyle blogger teamed up with Bex Talks Sex to create The Dildorks, a podcast with “dorky discourse on sex, dating, and masturbating.”

Hedonish: A fellow chronically ill sex blogger, Hedonish discusses how easily illness can determine the difference between good sex and bad. Motivated by mast cell disease and vulvodynia, Hedonish emphasizes that what works for one body may not work for another.

Hey Epiphora: Filled to the brim with snark, Epiphora speaks her mind, and isn’t afraid to tell readers when a toy is worthless. Her nine years as a sex toy judge have given her a “discerning vagina,” and her blunt honesty can help make or break a decision between one product and another.

Insert Trans Here: A padded princess and size queen, the Magic Wand helped this blogger become more comfortable with her body when dealing with gender dysphoria.

Miss Ruby Reviews: While failing to orgasm from the consumption of chocolate and cheese, Miss Ruby can orgasm from a well-made body-safe sex toy. Along with some fantastic step-by-step articles on starting a blog, she also authored a piece on sex toys and consent.

Ninja Sexology: A working mother with an affinity for fantasy toys, this size queen talks about the stigma around big toys, shows off her sizeable collection, and has a guide on how to train your vagina (or other penetrable body part).

Oh Joy Sex Toy: For those who learn better with visuals, this blog reviews products and talks about body stuff using comic book art. Guest artists talk on specialty topics such as piercings and dungeon etiquette. This blog also features fantastic human diversity, making it a highly accessible blog.

Penny for Your (Dirty) Thoughts: Penny is a fantastic photographer of toys and sensual images, as well as an erotic writer, sex toy reviewer, and vegan. Read her erotic take on Red Riding Hood, view her self-portraiture that aims to normalize nudity, or find out more about vegan safe sex barriers.

Princess Previews: A queer cis blogger from Down Under, Grace is a sex positive sex geek with a collection of nerdy sex toys. The force is with this blogger!

Squeaky Bedsprings: An adventurous blogger exploring toys and BDSM, this blog is named after noisy twin-sized college beds, and acts as a reminder that sex does not always go smoothly.

Sugarcunt Writes: This fat queer kinkster is a breath of fresh air in the discussion on body-positivity, sex and depression, and self-esteem.

The Big Gay Review: Writer of such excellent advice as “A Gay Man’s Guide to Wand Massagers” and “To Douche or Not to Douche? – A Guide to Anal Cleanliness,” The Big Gay Review also includes a rating out of ten for each toy review to allow for quicker perusal when searching for the right product.

Yaybody: Noah uses the excellent tagline “Every body is a yay body,” giving one a feeling of warm welcome to the blog. As a sex educator and aspiring sex therapist, Noah seeks to help in the fight against horrible sex advice, straying away from stock advice and instead creating such inspiring articles as “When You Hate Your Gender, But Don’t Want to Leave.”