Galaxy Ambit by Godemiche

“Welcome to GODEMICHE where style, sexual pleasure and beautiful uniqueness meet hand in hand. At GODEMICHE we are not trying to break the mould, but recolour it, restyle it and make you fall in love again with your dildo.”
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Purple Rose Nubby Dildo by Gläs

I remember some roommates we had once, a couple, who were unsatisfied with their condoms. They gave us the box, saying if we liked them, we could have them. Continue reading “Purple Rose Nubby Dildo by Gläs”

Mustang by Vixen Creations

When I ordered this dildo, the UPS guy delivered it to the wrong apartment. Vixen Creations was kind enough to find out it’s location so that I could retrieve it. Continue reading “Mustang by Vixen Creations”