No-Shave November

No-shave November is known all over the country as the time when beards begin to grow, and female legs become fuzzy. As for the origins of this tradition, whose to say. Perhaps it comes from culture and society, from class struggles, or from raising cancer awareness. Continue reading “No-Shave November”

Ask: Building Consent Culture edited by Kitty Stryker

Consent is a hot topic these days (see pussy-grabber). Yet in spite of the massive amount of information, I have still had a difficult time understanding what active consent and communication even look like. Then came the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Godemiche-Gate, and this amazing book. Continue reading “Ask: Building Consent Culture edited by Kitty Stryker”

#SFS17: Thursday

For day one of Woodhull, there was a single conference called The Color of Choice (on racial and reproductive justice) that was taking place all day. Wanting to start my day with some learning, I dressed and went downstairs, quickly finding a friend and entering the conference room. We got to take part in a song and discuss principles of reproductive justice. I learned the excellent point that you canโ€™t have health care without reproductive
health care.
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#SFS17: Wednesday

When I was interning last summer at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, I had a financial choice to make: I could go camping with the Center crew, or I could go to Woodhull. Not knowing much about the conference, I chose to spend a weekend in
Maine, where I watched people go down a lube slip and slide, and we had sex trivia by the bonfire.
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