Dalia by Desirables

“A guy what takes his time, I’ll go for any time

I’m a fast movin’ gal who likes them slow

Got no use for fancy driving, wanna see a guy

Arriving in low

I’d be satisfied, electrified to know a guy what takes

His time”

So goes the opening for Guy What Takes His Time, one of many songs in one of my favorite movies, Burlesque. Yeah, it’s kind of trash, but it’s my trash. And anyways, this song perfectly describes the slow burn of pleasure that is this toy.

Material and Appearance

Porcelain is not the most commonly used of sex toy materials, and Dalia is the first porcelain toy in my collection. Rather than a glossy porcelain, Desirables opted for a matte porcelain for this toy. This being my first porcelain item, I do not know how much of a difference this makes in use.Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.38.44 PM.png

Each end is a different size and shape, in order to allow the user to practice their kegels; this is according to the manual included. The manual also stated the toy should not be cleaned in the dishwasher (interesting, though I admit I’ve never had porcelain to put in the dishwasher), and should not be microwaved (I imagine this would cause the toy to break, similar to being overheated in a kiln). Also included is a history of the g-spot, information on how to find it, and other odds and ends.

This toy can be cooled and heated much like glass and stainless steel. The difference, I’ve found, is in its room temperature. Sitting around, steel and glass get very cold, giving a bit of a shock with initial insertion. The porcelain of this toy, however, is several degrees warmer at room temperature. Of the three, steel provides the most shock, so I appreciate the more comfortable feel of the porcelain, and the minimal effort needed to warm it.

Dalia feels delicate, like it needs to be handled with care, lest it shatter at my touch. In comparison, my Double Trouble, though made of glass, feels more robust, like it can take a rougher use than Dalia. However, don’t let that fool you. Dalia is here to get the job done, and does that extremely well.

In Use

When I starting using the larger, egg-shaped end, I thought, “huh, not much going on here.” I kept at it for a minute, determined to see the toy through to whatever end. A slow build of pleasure gradually took over my body, and before too long, an very nice orgasm stopped by to say hello.

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 5.20.28 pmThe more rounded end, on the other hand, is much more forward. It immediately found my g-spot and pressed against it like a pressure point, an orgasm not far behind. The feel of this side is most comparable to the njoy Pure Wand. It pushes against the g-spot very well, but without the wrist ache that comes with handling the weight of stainless steel. The Pure Wand also exerts far more pressure, but a lot of this comes down to the weight difference between steel and porcelain.

With the simple design devoid of awkward, severe, or whimsical features, I think this would be an excellent toy for those just getting started with bodily exploration, as well as those of us who are more seasoned and are looking for something basic. It doesn’t feel like much when getting started, but it’s kind of genius that way. It’s not ostentatious; it’s a simple design that serves its purpose well.

Final Thoughts

It’s my only porcelain toy, and stands as an excellent representation of its species.

This toy was generously provided to me by Luvoqa in exchange for an honest review. The Dalia comes in white for $110, and ‘love dustfor $125. You can also find it in marble for $130 This article is based on my personal experiences, and all opinions are my own.

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