The Butt Hurt Babe’s Beginner Guide to Butt Stuff

This guide is for beginners, and is especially geared towards those who, like me, love their butts, but also have to navigate the weird shit our bodies are going through. Continue reading “The Butt Hurt Babe’s Beginner Guide to Butt Stuff”

Doing It! by Hannah Witton

In my college courses and personal reading, I’ve found sex education books to be a bit tedious, often written in a textbook style. Doing It! by Hannah Witton is not that book. Continue reading “Doing It! by Hannah Witton”

Organic Coconut Oil vs. Sliquid Soul

Coconut oil is the latest best thing, the must-try, the go-to cheap, organic item. Put it in your hair, in your food, in your vagina, anywhere. It’s the next big utility item. Continue reading “Organic Coconut Oil vs. Sliquid Soul”

Beyond Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: Moral Diversity in the Abortion Debate by Kathy Rudy

This book has been an arduous journey for me. That’s not to say it hasn’t been a rewarding read, but I am still burned out from the heavy academic texts of my college years. Continue reading “Beyond Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: Moral Diversity in the Abortion Debate by Kathy Rudy”

Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison

In spite of what they say, this book goes to show that blondes, in fact, do not have more fun. The juicy memoir about reality television and Vegas show star Holly Madison reads a bit like a reality show portraying a fairy tale with all the important elements: villians, heros, a trapped princess, a foreboding mansion, and an escape. Continue reading “Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison”

The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women by Jessica Valenti

The never-ending battle of sex education shows a history of constant back and forth between comprehensive and abstinence-only educations. Like watching a fierce tennis match, our heads whip back and forth as each side lobs a ball of anger and frustration at the other. In The Purity Myth, the ball is in Jessica Valenti’s court, and she plays the game well. Continue reading “The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women by Jessica Valenti”

Vibrator Nation by Lynn Comella

During my job at a local sex toy retailer, my coworker regularly discussed writing a book of our experiences. Lynn Comella has done that and more. Pulling from her own sex retail experience and years of research, Comella has brought us Vibrator Nation, a brilliant examination of the history of adult stores. Continue reading “Vibrator Nation by Lynn Comella”

No-Shave November

No-shave November is known all over the country as the time when beards begin to grow, and female legs become fuzzy. As for the origins of this tradition, whose to say. Perhaps it comes from culture and society, from class struggles, or from raising cancer awareness. Continue reading “No-Shave November”

Ask: Building Consent Culture edited by Kitty Stryker

Consent is a hot topic these days (see pussy-grabber). Yet in spite of the massive amount of information, I have still had a difficult time understanding what active consent and communication even look like. Then came the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Godemiche-Gate, and this amazing book. Continue reading “Ask: Building Consent Culture edited by Kitty Stryker”