The Butt Hurt Babe’s Beginner Guide to Butt Stuff

This guide is for beginners, and is especially geared towards those who, like me, love their butts, but also have to navigate the weird shit our bodies are going through. Continue reading “The Butt Hurt Babe’s Beginner Guide to Butt Stuff”

Cayona by Fun Factory

Running through a field of blooming sex toys, I came across this small, insertable chunk of pastel sunshine. Floral’ in shape, Cayona is exceedingly simplistic in its appearance and design. Continue reading “Cayona by Fun Factory”

Semolino by Fun Factory

I bought this vibrator when searching for a toy to help my fiancé (then boyfriend) practice penetrating me with a toy, without a chance of hitting my cervix. It worked like a charm, and has become one of my favorite insertables. Continue reading “Semolino by Fun Factory”